The Commonwealth is made up of fifty-three sovereign states working together in mutual support towards shared goals of democracy, development, and respect for diversity. It includes some of the world's largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries, with two billion citizens drawn from all faiths and ethnicities, half of them under 25 years old.

Beyond the ties of history, language and institutions, members are united by values set out in the Charter of the Commonwealth including tolerance, freedom of expression, respect for human rights, the rule of law, protecting the environment, access to health, education, food and shelter, and gender equality.

Commonwealth countries come together voluntarily in a spirit of co-operation, partnership and understanding, and are located in six regions:

Africa (19)
Asia (7)
the Americas (3)
the Caribbean (10)
Europe (3)
and the South Pacific (11)

For further information about the Commonwealth please Google 'Commonwealth Secretariat'

View the Charter of the Commonwealth